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Paisley Sweet Revenge

Misty Lovelace just made the biggest mistake of her life even though she doesn't know it till she wakes up with Pailsey Prince digging her foot into her chest. Paisley is wanting to teach a dangerous lesson to Misty for naping aropund with Paisley's man. Thats something you just don't do unless you want what is about to happen to Misty. Paisley has some dangerous legs and uses them to t0rture Misty in various Headscissors squeezes. Misty is tied up almost fully naked except for a sexy thong. She is helpless as Paisley takes her sweet time constricting Misty's neck between her thighs. Misty denies what happen but not for long as Paisley finally gets it out of her and its about to get worst for her as Paisley just doesn't stop but K0s her a few times before she decides to end Misty. Too bad for Misty she isn't awake to know her own demise is coming so she could atleast plea for her life. As Paisley has her locked and with a quick jerk out of nowhere its over. Misty is no more and paisley walks off leaving her lifeless carcass there.

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FemDom links / Lezdom Moments - Spanking *** FootWorship & More **
« on: November 09, 2021, 01:59:13 am »

A Much Better Use Of Time

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